eFiling Partner Platform

Targeted Marketing for Business Service Providers


The eFiling Partner Platform is a highly effective channel for service providers to reach start-up and small UK businesses. By allowing marketing and customer acquisition teams to intelligently target their messages to specific data sets of industry sectors, regions and business structures, this product allows marketing teams to manage their budgets effectively at their specific target business audience.

The Partner Platform is both embedded within the eFiling Business Start-up Platform and also our Partner Program allowing us the option to also channel our clients targeted marketing through networks such as accountants, business consultants and other organisations that work within the start-up and small business space.


  • Targeted Marketing by Industry, Region and Business Type
  • Improved Return on Investment
  • Increased exposure to small businesses
  • Lead analytics

Our Partner Program extends our reach for our advertisers across the UK business start-up and small business sector, and when coupled with our Smart Business and eFiling platforms gives unrivalled exposure to that sector. Discuss how we can help reduce your Cost Per Acquisition in the start-up and small business market.

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