Customer Acquisition For Essential Business Service Providers

Business Data Group's technology suite offers a complete lead generation solution for B2B marketers who are looking to target the small business sector.

Essential business service providers can identify and pursue profitable opportunities across the start-up and small business sectors through our data-led intelligence. Our solutions facilitate focused customer acquisition, helping our customers gain a competitive advantage for securing new business.

Our smart technology platforms integrate with Companies House and, as the UK's biggest provider of new company filings, we are recognised as the leading authority on the start-up and business formations sector. Together, Business Data Group's services offer business service providers a complete and unrivalled lead-generation solution.


Business Start-up Platform

The platform that helps hundreds of thousands of UK entrepreneurs start up in business every year.

Partner Platform

eFiling Business Partner Platform

Connect and market essential business products and services to UK start-ups and small businesses.


The largest business forum in the UK

Where small businesses, sole traders and entrepreneurs can find advice from real people based on real experiences.

Discover new business growth with Business Data Group

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