Sponsorship opportunities with the UK's most active online community for ambitious small and micro-business owners.

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UKBF offers three brand-building sponsorship packages that make achieving high-impact exposure among small and micro-business owners easy.

UKBF is the UK's most authoritative resource for ambitious small and micro-businesses. Over 270,000 company founders turn to UKBF every month for peer-to-peer support and guidance as they start and grow their new companies.

UKBF supports its active online community to solve the challenges associated with owning and building a small business through its library of value-driven resources, how-to content, inspiring podcasts and videos, and nationwide networking opportunities.

Membership of UKBF continues to grow day-by-day with over 1,200 new business owners joining every single month to benefit from the unrivalled wealth of expertise and community support.

As the champion for small businesses, UKBF is more than just another online community. It is the backbone of small and micro businesses, trusted to represent and amplify their voices amongst government and help drive positive change for the small and micro-business sectors.

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UKBF's multimedia content inspires its community's enquiring minds through the written word, video, and social media, and presents brands with a wealth of opportunities for audience engagement.