What We Do

Business Data Group has its roots within the company formation sector starting in 2002, as the online platform behind the company registration agent Quick Formations that won a number of awards for Innovation in Technology. In January 2008 that technology was transferred into a new company, eFiling, to independently bring it to market. A few years later the company Quick Formations was sold to enable the management team to solely focus on the technology without any conflicts of interest.

As the business continued to grow and the industry changed, eFiling through working with teams from many corporate clients including Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays Bank, Google, and more, understood the need for a more focused and intelligent approach to customer acquisition. By analysing business start-up data and matching this with the needs of these clients the company portfolio evolved, and in November 2017 eFiling became known as Business Data Group (BDG).

Meet The Directors

Richard Osborne

Richard Osborne, is the Managing Director of Business Data Group. He started Quick Formations and subsequently launched eFiling in 2008, before evolving the company to what it is today as BDG. Having grown from scratch and then sold one of the industry's most prominent formation agents; he brings with him the industry knowledge instrumental to the ongoing evolution of eFiling. Richard is also no stranger to developing online platforms, having developed and sold one of the UK's largest domain name registration and reseller platforms in the late 1990's. Richard has occasionally been known to engage on Twitter @RichardOsborne

Ben Heald

Ben Heald is the Chairman of the BDG board. He was one of the founders of Sift in 1996 and became the CEO in 2002. He launched AccountingWEB in 1997, now one of the largest online professional publishing businesses, and has been involved in launching all Sift's businesses since then. This has given him a wide range of experience launching products, raising money, recruiting teams, managing staff and digital marketing. He’s also had to make the difficult transition from founder to CEO. In the latter role, he’s guided Sift through two protracted industry down-turns, whilst maintaining the company’s growth. Ben also partakes on Twitter occasionally as @BHeald

Adrian Eaglestone

Adrian Eaglestone is a qualified accountant who also holds a Masters in Mathematics. He began his career at KPMG before moving to corporate finance in the telecommunications sector. Adrian has since spent the last 14 years holding various directorship responsibilities from Finance, Managing and Non-Executive Director roles in a number of Venture Capital and Private Equity backed businesses. These included such brands as uSwitch where, as the Finance Director, he played a vital role in taking the company from a concept through to a reality by securing funding for growth. More recently Adrian has been Managing Director of GL Education, a leading international digital assessment provider to the education sector. Here he was recognised as being instrumental in creating a more entrepreneurial business, primarily through changing the focus of the Group from product-driven sales to the provision of complete solutions for customers.