Advertising Platform

Easily generate qualified business leads from newly formed companies that need your services.


Efficiently target thousands of new customers that want and need your business services

With ever-increasing potential routes to market, it is imperative that marketing teams utilise an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way of researching and targeting their client base.

Our Advertising Platform enables marketers and customer acquisition teams to intelligently identify, target, and engage with thousands of entrepreneurs that need essential business services as they start their new companies.

Marketers can target very specific data sets within the start-up sector and test, measure, and refine their creatives to ensure they achieve their campaign objectives.

Efficient targeting

Market your products and services to thousands of relevant customers through integration with the eFiling business start-up platform.

Direct customer access

Be first to access and pursue target businesses using accurate contact information.

Intelligent data insights

Receive qualified, hot leads from businesses that want and need your business products and services through the eFiling Partner Platform.

Qualified leads

Communicate with thousands of business founders who actually need and want your services now.

How could the Advertising Platform help your business?

Contact Rebecca Hill, Chief Commercial Officer, to discover how high-value data intelligence could improve your new customer acquisition.