Enabling thousands of entrepreneurs to start new businesses every year.


eFiling is a dedicated technology platform that streamlines the business of company formations

Every year, eFiling helps hundreds of thousands of UK entrepreneurs start new businesses through its award-winning technology.

Easy to use and fully integrated with Companies House, eFiling provides a fully automated online platform to ensure a smooth customer experience in one simple solution.

eFiling is widely supported and updated regularly to ensure full compliance with the latest legislation and company trends. Our unrivalled experience in the company formations sector affirms our reputation as the UK's leading facilitator of Company Formations Agents.

eFiling key features

Automated repeat billing and monitoring.

Money laundering compliance.

Financial management and reporting.

Automated order fulfilment.

Website content management system.

Integration with Companies House.

Customer management tools.

Mail forwarding management tools.

The eFiling platform was originally developed as the online technology behind a multiple, award-winning company formation agent and has expanded over the years to become the primary platform for the majority of UK agents who provide company start-up services to entrepreneurs wanting to trade in the UK.

To find out more about eFiling, visit the eFiling website, or contact our support team to arrange a no-obligation product demonstration.

 eFiling FAQs

eFiling is a comprehensive technology platform that is dedicated to making the company formation industry more streamlined and profitable.

Business Data Group enables this by automating almost every aspect of being a Company Registration Agent, identifying and maximising upsell opportunities for our clients, securing key partnerships to increase income for our clients, and always being at the forefront of industry trends and knowledge.

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