eFiling Partner Program

Create added value for your customers and earn commission at the same time.

Partner Program

The perfect add-on, with benefits.


Our partner program is the perfect add-on for your business, giving you the benefit of referral-based commission that is managed entirely by us – and a value-added service for your customers.

The Partner Program is free, and it only takes minutes to set up and start using.

Easy to combine, easy to upsell

We do all the hard work for you; simply add the Partner Program to your Advertising Platform, and we’ll manage the entire referral system.

All you need to do is watch the commissions roll in.

A reputable service offering

You can be assured of adding a value-added service.

We work with many major high street banks and challenger banks to provide your customers with a full range of quality options for their start-up business.


Every time your customers click on any advertisement they find interesting or relevant to look at further information, you earn commission, without having to do a thing.

Start earning from our Partner Program

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